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If you teach preschoolers and are looking to fill in those transition times with and activity that is easy to use, provides variety to keep learning fresh, engages the child in the learning process, accommodates each child at his or her academic level and teaches a multiple number of learning objectives in a short amount of time.

Teach letters, numbers, listening & concentration skills, following directions and other learning objectives during unused time throughout the day.

These card games enable the teacher or parent to:

  • Work one – on – one with each child in a fun, interactive way
  • Learn a method of teaching a multiple number of learning objectives in a short amount of time
  • Play a variety of educational games that accommodate four different academic levels without making set up changes to the game

Meet Mike Melo

  • Teacher, Inventor, Author
  • Hi! My name is Mike Melo. I started my educational career as a teacher in 2010, when I worked briefly in an elementary school, before finding myself as a teacher in preschool.
  • Teaching preschool gave me more freedom to plan my own curriculum without as many administrative demands. I liked the circle time- center based way of instruction. Although, I wanted to do more for a number of students, who would benefit from a one – on – one hands on approach.

Over the past six+ years, I have worked with a focus group testing the Letter Number Ball Toss and the Card Games. The process has challenged me to think outside the box of my traditional teaching. These transitional games have made numerous positive contributions to the classroom like, smoothing out daily transition times, building children’s confidence and academic skills. Also, the games are an excellent tool for parents who are looking for something they can do with their children to help them get ready for kindergarten.

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education and Earth Science
Taught 10 years, mostly as preschool lead teacher
Wrote game booklet for Letter Number Ball Toss
Created Card Games For Preschoolers from my first patent product Letter Number Ball Toss


How do I get all my students to enter kindergarten beyond basic requirements? For me the answer to this question was to create a product or series of games that could be used in transition times throughout the day.

Areas Of Development

CARD GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS primary goal is to make learning fun, and that is exactly what our games do with focused attention on developing fine motor skills, matching sounds to letters (phonics), matching uppercase to lowercase letters, blending 2-3 letter sounds, multiple step directions.

Learning Fine Motor Skills

Using clothespins clip together the upper and lower letters that make this sound

Matching Sounds To Letters

Pick up three balls, place them on the letters that make these sounds

Blending Letter 2-3 Sounds

Clip together the vowel and consonant that make these sounds

Matching Uppercase To Lowercase

Clip the uppercase and lowercase letters that make this sound

Multiple Step Directions

Pick up this number, place it at the end of the line

Distinguish Between Shapes

Stand in the middle of the triangle, rectangle or square

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